11. November 2020

10 How To Conveniently Pay Your Kotak Charge Card Bill

In the current world that is fast-paced you will find a million items that a person has got to focus on. The pressure is immense from striking a work-life balance to people in cities having to spend a greater number of hours commuting to and from work. It really is as a result of such rising anxiety that individuals often forget to cover down their credit card debt on time.

With electricity invoices, water bills, household loan or rent payment, bills of household members, and tonnes of other items to think about, it’s understandable if having to pay your bank card bill slips the mind. Nonetheless, you ought to realise that while most missed bill payments sustain some kind of penalty, for missed charge card bill re payments, the results are a lot serious. These frequently do perhaps not normally have a sudden fine, but build in the long run and that can just take a cost in your general health that is financial.

The penalty is 2% each month of delayed payment, and will also be surprised by computing the additional payment if you miss your credit card bill payment and do not realise that for a year that you need to make. Because the financial obligation will continue to amass, you might end up in times with no clue on what you finished up there. Moreover, any credit that is delayed bill payment will appear in your credit history and impact your credit rating, that will hamper your odds of getting credit in the foreseeable future.

Fortunately, Kotak Mahindra Bank knows the process of spending your credit cards. In this essay, we shall speak about the ways that are different which you are able to pay your Kotak credit card debt effortlessly.


Cred is an software by which one could spend their charge card bills online. A significant advantageous asset of having to pay via CRED is the fact that an individual can get various benefits, cashbacks and CRED coins, that will be an extra advantage for them.

2. Money Re Payment

Kotak Mahindra Bank enables you to walk as much as your nearest branch and work out your charge card bill re re re payment. While this assures that the repayment reflects straight away on the bank card account, the lender costs Rs. 100 and some extra solution cost for many such over-the-counter charge card bill repayments.

3. Cheque Re Payment

Should you want to spend your credit card debt by cheque, write one that’s payable to Kotak Mahindra banking account and point out your credit card that is 16-digit quantity. The cheque can then be fallen in any Kotaq branch or ATM. Please be aware that in the event that cheque is from the non-Kotak account, then its approval will require three company days, whereas, for the Kotak cheque, equivalent will mirror in one day.


Whenever spending through NEFT, the bank card bill amount could be transported from your own Current or Kotak Mahindra checking account into the bank card account online. To achieve that, you will need to stick to the following actions.

  • Step one: go directly to the Kotak website and log in along with your qualifications.
  • Step two: beneath the webpage, you will observe the ‘Credit Card’ tab. Choose that and select ‘Payments.’
  • Step three: click the ‘Make re Payments’ solution to continue.

5. Net Banking

Clients who possess registered for Kotak Mahindra Bank’s web Banking can straight see and spend their credit card debt through the bank card website beneath the net-banking part. There’s also the provision of arranging the banking that is net, and so the cash is deducted from your own account for a pre-decided date and time.

6. IMPS re payment

IMPS re payment additionally takes place online and has got the benefit of an transfer that is immediate. With this, you ought to log on to the net-banking area of your checking account (may or might not be Kotak account).

The family savings may or might not be a Kotak Mahindra account. Find the Fund Transfer option and choose IMPS then. After that you can register the Kotak Mahindra account as being a payee and continue aided by the payment.

7. Mobile Banking

If you don’t gain access to online or are uncomfortable utilizing internet banking, you are able to phone the Kotak customer care and work out your bank card bill repayment. It is a 24 X 7 helpline and may be reached at 1860 226 2666. On dialling this quantity, you’ll be directed to an IVR, and need that is you’ll choose the Banking choice.

An professional will take your call then. Request the executive to move the total amount from your own Kotak account (can be either Savings or active) to your charge card account. In under 24 hours, the bill repayment is finished, and you’ll be notified of the identical.

8. Mobile Phone Banking

Kotak Mahindra Bank posseses an Android os application you could install through the Bing Play Store and make use of it to create your charge card bill repayments. All you have to do is log on to the software, go right to the true website, and choose the ‘Credit Card’ choice. Here, you shall discover the choice of ‘CC Payments’.

The main advantage of with the mobile banking application is that you could rise above making charge card repayments and see all you past billed deals, present unbilled deals, convert any deal to EMI, and do much more.

9. Visa Re Re Re Payment

Another fast and simple means of making the Kotak bank card bill payment is to apply your Visa card to really make the deal. Get on your cost cost savings bank’s net banking center and register your Kotak charge card for VISA charge card re re re payment.

This might be a one-time enrollment, and from hereon, you possibly can make the bank card bill repayments whenever you want that you choose. re re Payments made will mirror in your charge card account within three company times best payday loans in Yukon.

10. Automobile Debit

Kotak bank enables clients to create an auto-debit feature up wherein you are able to arranged a standing instruction on the Kotak account to immediately subtract either the total charge card bill or the minimum due quantity through the account four times prior to the deadline.

With this, you’ll want to submit a finalized auto-debit instruction kind to the Manager associated with the Customer communication Centre, Kotak Bank with information on your standing guidelines.

11. WebPay

If you’re keen in order to make your Kotak Mahindra charge card bill repayment from the non-Kotak account, then Webpay is the better method for you. Realize that as soon as this kind of transaction is authorised it will take three business days for the payment to process by you. Here is what you ought to do.

  • Step one: go directly to the bank card area and furnish your Kotak charge card re re payment details. You shall locate a dropdown menu, and you also want to choose your checking account bank through the list.
  • Step two: On choosing the financial institution, you will need certainly to verify the re payment. You’ll then get an online verification along utilizing the deal guide quantity jot down this quantity for future guide.

Hence, using its customer-centric approach, Kotak has arrived up with a few simple means through which you can easily spend your bills off on some time prevent complications. With such diverse possibilities, re payment of one’s Kotak charge card bill will not be an inconvenience in your busy life.