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It sold less than half of what the first game in the series did, so the SNES Classic Edition could have introduced legions of DKC fans to the game for the first time. Zombies Ate My Neighbors is centered around a pair of kids who are trying to save their neighborhood from nefarious forces. Zombies, mummies, mutants, aliens, and giant babies are among the many enemies you’ll encounter in the game. To fight these monsters, you’ll have access to an array of weapons that includes everything from water pistols and weed-whackers to flamethrowers and bazookas. There is also an impressive list of items to find – like magic potions with that will temporarily transform your character into an invincible monster, or inflatable decoy clowns that can draw attention away from the victims.

On the flip side, the stages were slower-paced and lack the kinetic forward motion that had defined the series up to this point. Despite its flaws, Donkey Kong Country 3 was one of the best late-era SNES games.

  • Yoshi’s Island also ran right against the popular “M-rated” trend with its cute and slower gameplay which made it really stand out when things were becoming increasingly dark and edgy.
  • Mario World was probably most SNES players’ first SNES game and being a Mario game was a showcase for what the system was about.
  • Is there anything else that can be said aboutSuper Mario Worldthat hasn’t already been said?
  • Larger worlds, bigger graphics, wonderful music and some of the sharpest gameplay in platformers.
  • Playing a game where you are literally babysitting, even for my 13-year-old self, was a joy.
  • Yoshi’s games haven’t quite hit the same high note since but the style brought in by Yoshi’s Island has still enjoyed a long and enjoyable life.

Also, I think the jungle theme of the original and the pirate theme of the sequel resonated better than the randomness that the third game brought. There wasn’t really a central theme in Donkey Kong Country 3 at all, but this gave the game’s developers tremendous creative freedom. Seemingly every stage in the game featured a new gameplay mechanic. One stage required players to carry barrels over their heads to protect themselves from lighting strikes. Another stage played out like a makeshift stealth game as players assumed the role of an elephant and had to avoid rats.

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While I always appreciated the game, I felt it was a step down from Diddy’s Kong Quest. Kiddy Kong was a lumbering ape, and I missed the quickness of Diddy Kong.

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The developers also cranked up the difficulty for the sequel, and the hidden stages put a spotlight on how responsive the controls were. Donkey Kong Country 2 is the fastest game in the series, and its one of the few platformers that I would rate as highly as the best Super Mario final fantasy 7 rom rom games.

Resident Evil it ain’t, but that’s a good thing in this case. Zombies Ate My Neighbors is a parodical take on classic monster movies, and it’s deeply embedded with LucasArts’ trademark humor and wit.

The final game in the Donkey Kong Country trilogy is also the most underrated game in the series. There are a few reasons why people tend to overlook the game. It was released after the Nintendo 64, so it didn’t necessarily have the same “wow factor” that its predecessors did. As the industry was breaking new ground with immersive 3D worlds, side-scrolling games were yesterday’s news.