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Maureen O’Hara’s 1950s sex scandal shocked Hollywood

The Maureen that is wonderful O’Hara into the 1952 film, The Quiet guy.

Maureen O’Hara, the celebrity for the Quiet guy, could have been the cool, clean heroine in several of her movies, but a notorious intercourse scandal hurt her profession.

The online magazine, Slate, recently revisited, via podcast, the infamous 1957 Maureen O’Hara libel instance she took against Confidential magazine, the nationwide Enquirer of their time.

Confidential had advertised that she and a handsome latino guy had been seen making away in grand design at Grauman’s Chinese Theater, in Hollywood.

The supervisor associated with the movie movie theater had seen the set extended across three seats because of the Latin fan on top, the mag reported, and then he had to inquire further to go out of.

Maureen O’Hara, the Dublin celebrity of this “The peaceful Man”.

They did not, in which he came ultimately back once more to see O’Hara seated when you look at the Latino man’s lap, them out so he threw.

The allegation ended up being shocking, though it willnot have been. O’Hara had a pristine virginal reputation, a conservative Irish lass without any time for casting couch shenanigans.

It had beenn’t the facts really.

Maureen O’Hara’s marriages

O’Hara already had two marriages to her credit. One with George Brown - amazingly the daddy for the famed mag editor Tina Brown - whom she came across on her behalf very very first movie set, fleetingly before she lay out for Hollywood from Ireland. They divorced.

The Maureen that is stunning O’Hara.

As soon as in the us, she dropped in with one William cost, a boozer that is legendary he wasn’t setting up in whorehouses. In their free time, he had been an unemployed producer. This second wedding ended up very nastily as O’Hara started another event.

O’Hara’s event with Enrique Parra Hernandez

Go into the Latin fan, Enrique Parra Hernandez, a dashing attorney and politician whom came across O’Hara at a Mexico City movie event. O’Hara was undoubtedly smitten.

“I think to start with we had been simply therefore thrilled to be a part of their life and also him show an interest that is sincere mine. We were inseparable, ” she said when I was with Enrique.

She ended up being undoubtedly dating Hernandez and passionately in love during the time she was thought to have experienced an evening that is amorous the films.

It took place in 1954, and by the 1957 test, the usher, the associate manager, together with supervisor all swore it had been Maureen O’Hara whom joined Grauman’s Chinese Theater with a Latino guy.

Since the Confidential author noted, “Maureen had entered Grauman’s wearing a silk that is white nicely buttoned. Now it wasn’t. The man had are available wearing a spruce blue suit. Now he wasn’t. The layer had been down, his collar had been available, and their tie had been hanging limply at half-mast into the vapor. ”

The truth that Hernandez had been Hispanic added towards the scandal. Within the environment of that time period, Hispanics were considered lower-class peasants. That angle would likely never be lost on Confidential, notorious for making use of the competition and anti-gay codes.

Strangely too, Grauman’s had been referred to as a location where Hollywood stars having affairs arrived individually took seats into the back row together with it on, perhaps not risking being seen at a hotel.

Needless to say, Confidential knew this and paid handsomely for ushers or supervisors to report Hollywood celebrity sighting. O’Hara had been a big seafood.

She was spread across three seats - utilizing the pleased Latin American into the center chair. They stopped if the usher flashed their flashlight at them but Confidential reported, “The supervisor had barely gone back to the candy stick out front side prior to the usher from aisle C ended up being on their heels aided by the breathless statement, ‘They’re at it once again! ’”

O’Hara, nevertheless, denied it flatly and start suing Confidential.

The libel test against Confidential

This is a mag which had lost a libel suit to Liberace, the pianist that is famed if they charmdate advised their theme track be “Mad About the Boy. ”

Their state of Ca had desired to power down Confidential for many some time they sued it for libelous stories. O’Hara’s situation ended up being those types of included.

O’Hara’s defense was clear. She ended up being a pleasant Irish woman who could not do that. She also brought her sis, a nun, along as a character witness.

Triumphantly, she produced her passport saying it mightn’t have now been her as her travel document revealed her in Spain during the time.

Except the protection described, no body appeared to be specific for the exact date 36 months it could very well have been when O’Hara was in the country after it happened, and.

The jury deadlocked and also the continuing state reached a deal with Confidential about their prying protection. O’Hara advertised vindication however the secret stays - who was simply it if you don’t her making away in seat 35C during the theater that night?

* Originally published in March 2019.

The Maureen that is wonderful O’Hara when you look at the 1952 film, The Quiet Man.