20. November 2019

PayForAResearchPaper Com - Angela Merkel gestures and calmer tone of talks with the European Commission show that the climate for negotiations in the EU is better than a few months ago.

Announced date of leaving the European Union by Britain’s northernmost of 29 on March 30, and thus before the European elections. United Kingdom leaving the EU releases 73 MEP seats. Therefore, in June 2018. Established that the number euromandatow decrease from 751 to 705; 46 seats will be frozen for the purpose of expansion of the EU in the future. The remaining 27 seats will be distributed among the 14 EU countries, which are currently under-represented.

After five additional seats will receive France and Spain, after 3 seats - Italy and the Netherlands, and two additional seats accrue to Ireland. After you receive one additional mandate of Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Slovakia, Croatia, Estonia, Romania and Polska.zobacz also Biedron: We want Polish in Europe, which will use European standards »European socialists: the EU needs a radical transformation” Thus, according to of this finding in this year’s European elections, Poles will choose 52 representatives to the European Parliament; in the previous elections in 2014. they chose 51. If however - as the NEC notes - to brexitu not have been in the stipulated time limit and the United Kingdom at the beginning of the new parliamentary term (2019-2024) would still be a member of the EU, the mandates will be distributed already have to return to the UK and the number of Polish MEPs including the mandate will amount to 51. in connection with the upcoming elections to the EP and the lack of confidence that will brexitu to the assumed time, NEC addressed to the President, the Speaker of Parliament, Prime Minister and Speaker of the Senate of the letter problem. NEC indicates that the provisions of Election Code does not provide a basis to determine and indicate which of 52 selected Polish MEPs in such a situation would not extend the mandate at the beginning of term. “No such indication would not qualify for seats by all elected members, it is therefore urgent to regulate this issue by legislation” - says NEC. According to the Commission, determine the rules underlying the indications MEP, which would not include a mandate for the start of term, requiring the analysis set out in the Code of the electoral method of determining the election results. At 6.45 we got a report of a crash of a city bus line 54 tram at the intersection of the Union of Lublin and the Station.

The state of the injured people do not know. Motornicza is taken to the hospital, her injuries are the most serious. According to my information, the three passengers in the accident is broken - told PAP spokeswoman Police in Bydgoszcz Monika Chlebicz. She added that the preliminary findings show that the driver forced a bus right of way at the intersection. “The movement in this part of Bydgoszcz is and will be difficult for the next hour. At this point, since ul. Dworcowa is one-way, and trams go on a loop, which is located near the bus station” - pointed Chlebicz. On-site work all services - fire brigade, ambulance and police.

They must, among others, make a separate bus and tram. “The effects of the accident are continuously removed. Starting at 6.45 trams 5 and 8 run not stop Knight and Wilczak. Over the next hour the condition may even be maintained, because the movement must be udrozniony” - indicated dispatcher tram with Bydgoszczy Krzysztof Buzalski . (PAP) To detentions occurred in Lublin, Swidnik and Otwock. “The police have established that the group consisted of people associated with the environment hooligans, as well as former payforaresearchpaper employees of banking and para-banking” - told PAP spokeswoman CBSP phones. Agnieszka Hamelusz. The mechanism of action consisted of setting up fictitious companies, in which the issue of certificates of employment substituted persons, ie. slupom and certify their income. “Then, on the basis of documents certifying untruth, soliciting loans from banks and loans, as well as the assumed bank accounts on fictitious personal data” - also said Hamelusz.zobacz Poznan: CBSP stopped 8 people from the group “steroids Poznan ‘” As announced in the detained heard Prosecutor’s Office in Lublin 129 charges. They relate to activities in an organized criminal group, money laundering, fraud, theft, misappropriation, falsification of documents and credit fraud.

So far, in this case, officers arrested 39 suspects, which shows 177 charges. Jaroslaw Kaczynski is the president of PiS, but his role in the party would give a better definition of the main shareholder. Manages a parliamentary majority through specific supervisory board, which is a political committee. Sam sits on its head and has the last word, because it’s his political capital is built almost the whole formation. As the main shareholder of the operational management hires the CEO, the CEOs - prime ministers. The first stage of the post-election strategy implemented Beata Awl.

The strategy, however, required adjustments and put greater emphasis on innovation policy. Therefore, its place was taken literally and figuratively manager hired from rynku.zobacz also: Prime Minister: It is important that we focus on the continuation of the good changes “just passed one hundred days Mateusz Morawiecki in an armchair CEO of the government. Does not pass them to success - staying in the rhetoric of the business - will have to be reconciled with many wizerunkowymi losses, which in the next quarters to be made up in order to finish the year in the black. If it fails, the shareholders may at any time make up the agenda of the Supervisory Board of the point - changes in (the) government. It was supposed to be so beautiful. To direct the government delegated Morawiecki office of the chair of Deputy Prime Minister for Financial Affairs.

The board of each company is the first vice president of the boss. Economic and political situation favored the new prime minister. Kaczynski convinced voters to the need for rebranding in the government. Morawiecki and she entered the cabinet of Prime Minister with a powerful reputational capital. GDP last year grew by 4.6 per cent., Thanks to politicians including almost none, but in the political PR is what counts. The budget deficit turned out to be more than half lower than that recorded in the Act, and VAT revenues increased year on year by 30 billion zl. Again many merits rulers assign yourself here can not, though impressive budgetary statistics clearly helped seal a wide-ranging action podatkow.zobacz also changes in the judiciary: The government does not plan to resign Brussels »The new CEO also has an international smartness, which took in banking.

With proficient English was to be found on the Brussels salons and lobby for changes introduced by the Law and Justice in the judiciary. He had to show soft power in its relations with the European Commission, after the predecessor firm stance led to the launch of EU officials against Poland art. 7 of the EU Treaty. Reconstruction of correct relationships and creating even the appearance of a dialogue with the European Commission and European capitals, which consider that the rule of law in Poland is in question, it was one of the goals that put on the prime minister. It soon turned out that Morawiecki rather than focusing on the treatment field to negotiate a new EU budget perspective after 2020., Must contend with the biggest fire in international politics, which sparked amendment to the Act on the IPN. The crisis in relations with Israel and the United States focused energy of the entire leadership team. Instead, warm in the glow of the best years of economic and financial indicators, the head of government extinguishes fire, which not alone adding fuel their wypowiedziami.zobacz also Merkel after a meeting with Morawieckim: my heart lies the future of Europe 27 EU Member States, not the zone euro »Political plan was that the new CEO, using good relations with the US, it cemented contracts reinforcement, and then made a return to Europe.

Now he’s trying to make this shift, but in the conditions of a strong thunderstorm over the Atlantic. Even if he manages to get out of the deadlock of the Israeli-American, he is just waiting for him to solve the conflict with the EC. Angela Merkel gestures and calmer tone of talks with the European Commission show that the climate for negotiations in the EU is better than a few months ago. Although the government generally did not change significantly the approach or to Germany or to the Commission’s recommendations. What has changed is the tone.

Besides Morawiecki largely not repent of their sins. On the biggest political crisis resulting from the Act on the IPN had no effect. The highest image-crisis results from the rewards that his predecessor gave his Law and Justice deputy ministers. Power and money is always a touchy subject, especially if the PiS criticized predecessors for ostentation and excesses, which were supposed to be a symbol of octopus from the tape scandal. Meanwhile, Law and Justice deputy, declaring modest power, gave his ministers awards annual earnings in excess of many Poles. It has perpetuated the image of politicians - hypocrites who first criticized certain proceedings, and after coming to power will do the same. Earnings members of the government are low and should be increased, but with an open visor.

Premier has prepared a bill moving the undersecretaries of state for the civil service, to raise them pensje.zobacz also CBOS poll: President - 69 percent. trust; Schetyna - 51 percent. distrust »Returning to the business rhetoric, it seemed that the change in the position of Prime Minister will reflect on quotations of the PiS. But it did not happen even in January, the survey, the pre-harvest, usually when falling quotations ruling. This time the results PiS soared, and the opposition have fallen. Correction takes place only now. 100 days in office Morawiecki also shows that even if he counted on a reduced tariff in his own camp, it’s not gonna work.

Its flagship idea, the Employee Equity Plans, reported sharp criticism of his subordinate, Energy Minister Krzysztof Tchorzewski. In his opinion, the project does not only hit the subordinate company, but will adversely affect the election results PiS. And it may turn accused the heaviest caliber, and against the very idea, and to the Prime Minister. Lapinski asked on Wednesday on the radio Plus as is the cooperation of the new president’s chief of Defense replied that very well. “We look to the future, will also be further meetings of the president, the head of the department or the management with the management and BBN will all these issues, which somehow has not yet been resolved I explained,” - said Lapinski. As he said, he thinks that “cooperation and good will manage to overdub these strategic issues such, ie for example. Along issues of how you want your system of control and command an army” .Dopytywany that are already planned some concrete discussions on this matter Lapinski said: ” I think that in the near future will be the discussion of these topics and other “.On the question what is the relationship between the president and the prime minister Matthew Morawieckim, the president’s spokesman stressed that” this is a good relationship. ” He added that both the new head of the National Defense Law and Justice deputy and what the Prime Minister Morawiecki familiar with the president of the previous activities. “The Prime Minister has previously been deputy prime minister and often met with Mr.

President. Mr. Minister for Law and Justice deputy was minister of internal affairs and administration, so too the meetings were “- noted Lapinski.W carried out at the beginning of January this year, the reconstruction of the government Law and Justice deputy, who previously served as minister of internal affairs and administration, was appointed Minister of national defense; He replaced in this position by Antoni Macierewicz. Officers are in constant contact with the organizer of the festival and local authorities. The police will take care not only about the safety of the participants, but also all the inhabitants of Kostrzyn, 24 hours a day. Firefighters will intervene, among others, in case of fires and other incidents threatening the health and well zycia.zobacz: Owsiak on the new law not only GOCC, but any other foundation can not appeal to the powers that be “The police and fire department asks for vigilance while having fun and taking care not only about security his, but also other participants of the festival. The police also ask for cooperation from the organizers, the use of the command order and comply with the regulations of the event.

We also remind you that from July 30 to August 8 will apply the flight ban over the place, which will be held Pol’and’Rock. There will be, among others, so you can use with drones and ultralight aircraft. They can be carried out, among others, while rescue flights. Meteorologists predict that within the next days, the air temperature at the festival can be 30 degrees. Services therefore like to at this time to avoid going in full sun and drink plenty of fluids. Police officers and firefighters are calling to report dangerous situations that we are witnessing - a proper response can save someone’s life.

Deputy-KO said that along with other members of the commission Genevieve Tokarska (PSL-KP) and Miroslaw pampuch (PO-KO) prepared to report a dissenting opinion, which - as the notes - a “what happened through this a little over a year on the committee. VAT “. “He should be furnished in accordance with the law on the commission of inquiry by the rapporteur, which, as alleged, would Mr. Chairman, together with the committee report should also be submitted to our dissenting opinion in this matter,” - he said. He estimated that the report prepared by the committee chairman Horal is “not reflecting the political order of what was going on for eight years, when he ruled the Civic Platform and the Polish Peasant Party” .Konwinski asked that the conclusions of the report prepared by the opposition, he replied, “we have undertaken a number of actions sealing the tax system in Poland “.See also: rapid drop in the VAT gap. Poland in the European forefront »acknowledged that dissenting opinion prepared by the opposition shows circumstances in which the work the government the PO-PSL and how then behaved ws. Changes in the law of the then opposition, which - as noted -” most of those changes sealing tax system, but not supported. “” To thoroughly examine the problem, we should investigate it without time constraints, ie not only the years 2008-2015, but more widely, “- he stressed. “According to tax inspection, for example. In 2006, the VAT gap was higher than in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010, but the earlier period, of course, the commission did not investigate” - podkreslil.zobacz also NIK That is done commission VAT owska.

In the fight with a gap Justice is doing much better “Konwinski also said that the current dynamics of VAT revenue is lower than GDP growth. “This shows that the problem of the gap is still there, and before the rule of the Civic Platform and the Polish Peasant Party and our governments at this time, when the PiS government” - ocenil.Podkreslil also that there stood before the Minister Coordinator of Special Services Mariusz Kaminski, who was CBA boss. “In my opinion, according to representatives of the opposition in the committee, it is evident protect the vice president of PiS fear about the quality of his testimony” - mowil.Pytany how to assess the chance of bringing him before the State Tribunal of former prime ministers Donald Tusk and Health Minister Ewa and finance ministers at the time of the PO -PSL what Horal requested the chairman, said: “I think the 13 October of PiS lose the election and will not talk about this to anyone Justice put before any tribunal.” In a speech at the annual congress of delegates from affiliated Christian Democrats in the European People’s Party Tusk did not mention anyone by name.