23. September 2019

Pot, Weed, Grass, Reefer, Mary Jane: Just Just How Cannabis Slang Came Into Existence

Pot, Weed, Grass, Reefer, Mary Jane: Just Just How Cannabis Slang Came Into Existence

We had a special report on the various names we call cannabis, where these names originated, their connotations, and which ones work to utilize.

This one’s a smaller variation and just speaks about how exactly the slang terms came to be.


Pot is known to own result from the original drink that is spanish-Mexican called potiguaya, brief for potacion de guaya. This drink is mainly cannabis leaves and buds steeped in liquor made of the tropical guaya good fresh fruit. Potacion de guaya literally means “drink of grief.”

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Making use of the code or nickname word “pot” referring to cannabis became popular within the United States in the late 1930s and 1940s that are early.


Weed was initially used being a synonym for “marijuana cigarette,” and this slang initially suggested smoking cannabis.

There wasn’t any account of precisely why cannabis came into existence called weed. Nevertheless, judging through the concept of the word weed, chances are that the word has underground origins.

Weed is defined as a plant that is wild grows in places where it really is undesirable and where it competes with cultivated plants. Therefore we can simply reckon thatunderground users called it “weed” because of its prohibited and unwanted status.


The extensive utilization of the slang “grass” to refer to cannabis is probably due to its look. The expression became vogue when you look at the 1960s http://cbdoilmarkets.net/ and 70s. Though it must be noted that the cannabis available during this time period associated with hippies and flower energy ended up being green, usually resembling yard clippings, and ended up being of lower quality.

Cannabis was also mentioned into the Atharvaveda (Science of Charms) — a Hindu text that is sacred as “sacred grass,” which will be certainly one of India’s five sacred flowers. Sacred grass is employed in rituals for Shiva, along with Ayurvedic medicine.

Mary Jane

Now, Mary Jane has a easier and easier description. The utilization of the term “marijuana” or “marihuana” first came towards the U.S. from Mexico, and also the term is linked to the Mexican-Spanish name that is personal Juana. The English variation for this title is Mary Jane.


The act of “reefing” a ship’s sail lessens the sail’s area by rolling on one side of the sailcloth in on itself. The sailor whom rolls it is known as a “reefer.” a sail that is reefed evidently, resembles a joint. Which means this could possibly be One of the good main reasons why cannabis is named a reefer.

Reefer can also be from the Mexican slang term grifo, which refers to someone stoned. Grifo means frizzy or tangled, which presumably defines the method our minds get when stoned. Anyhow, this word fused to “greefo,” and then to “reefer.”


A lot of people genuinely believe that ganja is initially simply the Jamaican term cannabis. And it’s also very linked to the Rastafarian tradition. But, the word is really much over the age of this. Ganja really originates from Sanskrit, and means the Ganges River in Asia. While you may already fully know, the British Empire shipped slaves from Asia to Africa to be able to work with the plantations. The Indians brought their cannabis practice with them and introduced them into the Africans, such as the Jamaicans.

Other nicknames

You can find a lot of more nicknames and terms that are slang make reference to cannabis. There’s “herb,” “dope,” “bud,” “doobie,” “skunk,” “herb,” and “tea,” among So others that are many. It will help to understand where these names originated therefore we can place an end into the stigma and give a wide berth to utilizing terms with racist or with generally speaking negative connotation.