29. August 2019

First-of-its-kind DNA test kit can now figure out one’s compatibility with cannabis

First-of-its-kind DNA test kit can now figure out one’s compatibility with cannabis

Endocanna wellness established its Cannabinoid DNA Variant Test, a thorough individualized cannabis DNA test. This direct-to-consumer DNA test kit, which Was developed by a united group of Endocanna researchers, analyzes a person’s unique DNA markers, aligns it with research to anticipate his / her reaction to cannabis, and offers recommendations that are scientific.

How exactly does this test work exactly?

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For example, there are individuals with a certain variant in the gene CYP2C9 who may well not metabolize tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) well and may thus be cautious about consuming edible cannabis products.

The DNA test also screens for hereditary variations which can be connected to one’s propensity to produce medication dependence, experience greater levels of anxiety, and particular other faculties.

Put differently, the test enables users to possess good experiences and results from eating cannabis. It helps people demystify their cannabis experiences. What’s more, it establishes the medication as a viable cbdoilrating Solution to alleviate wellness and health dilemmas.

Endocanna wellness, that will be a biotechnology research business, runs on the patent pending algorithm and process in the introduction of its Cannabinoid DNA Variant Report. The DNA to be utilized for the test is from a easy saliva swab or from a preexisting data that are genetic other DNA screening solutions like Ancestry, Family Tree DNA, MyHeritageDNA, and 23andMe.

Following the test, customers can use their individualized reports to always check which cannabis items are a match that is perfect their certain genetics. There can also be item recommendations from Endocanna, hence providing a full-spectrum experience.

The Endocanna Health DNA test kit can be obtained through the ongoing company’s internet site, along with with choose stores through the united states of america.